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Book coming up!

We are happy to announce that our research group has just signed a book contract with MIT Press. During 2017 the last manuscript is expected to be finished, and hopefully you’ll be able to pick up a fresh copy shortly thereafter.

The book – which is currently entitled “Spotify Teardown” – is planned to pull together some of our ongoing research, which for example involves the programming of multiple bots to explore, mimic, and ultimately subvert Spotify’s notions of usage and listening; ”monetary interventions” involving calculated musical tinkering that automatically play tracks for thousands of repetitions and thus tests the boundaries of online royalty systems; the documentation and tracing of Spotify’s history through constantly changing interfaces; the charting of the online music industries, and interviews/interventions with providers at the backend of Spotify.

As a whole, the text will be co-written and experimental in its form, serving as an organizing device for our ongoing research, rather than a retrospective summary of project findings. Written at the intersection of software studies, critical media industry studies, the digital humanities and social anthropology, we are very much looking forward to start the process of writing.

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