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Upcoming performance at Transmediale, Berlin

On Sunday (February 5th), one of our side projects will be launched at the opening festival of Transmediale in Berlin.

As an intervention in debates around ad-blockers, we’ve built an application called Songblocker which mutes music on Spotify and instead allows you to enjoy 100% ads. The application is part of our ongoing research on the organization of ad-markets around streamed music and the abstract for our presentation reads as follows:

“Have you ever dreamed of full access to the world of ads? During this exclusive event, Songblocker will be launched—a powerful tool engineered for satisfying the needs of advertisement aficionados. Finally an app that saturates your Spotify account with 100 percent ads: no music, no disturbance. The launch of Songblocker is followed by a presentation of an interventionist and experimental research project on Spotify.”

Read more about the project at

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