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New article out

Rasmus Fleischer just published a new article with the title “Towards a Postdigital Sensibility: How to get Moved by too Much Music”. In short, Fleischer explains that this piece: “explores the affective consequences of the new mode of instant access… Read More

Posted on May 26, 2015 by

Carribean conference + Spotify announcement

Last week, Patrick Vonderau attended the 65th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association in 
San Juan, Puerto Rico
. Presenting a paper with the title MCNs, Local Talent, and the Transformation of YouTube, Patricks abstract read: “What are the new… Read More

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A visit among ethnologists

Tomorrow, on the 15th of April, three of us (Anna, Maria and Rasmus) will visit the higher seminar of the Department of Ethnology at Stockholm University in order to discuss digital methods in general, and digital ethnography in particular. The… Read More

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With spring comes…

… not only sun, but also a lot of interesting conferences, and our project will be represented at five of them. To start off, several of us will attend the ACSIS conference In the Flow: People, Media, Materialities, held in… Read More

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More music is better music

Pelle Snickars is currently finishing up an article about bots, musical profusion, and streaming trickery. Here is the introduction to the article: “In March 2014 the funk band Vulfpeck released the conceptual album, ”Sleepify”, containg five minutes and 16 seconds… Read More

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The story of a music release

Last week, HUMlab at Umeå University organized a conference with the somewhat elusive title Genres of Scholarly Knowledge Production. This was a three-day event that experimented with – and critiqued – the concept of the academic conference itself, and mostly… Read More

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Meeting and upcoming conference

Last week, on Monday 17th, we had another group meeting in Stockholm at which we tried to catch up on our various sub-projects and plan ahead for the future. At the moment, our primary research projects orbit around 1) the… Read More

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Posted on October 20, 2014 by

Upcoming article

We are happy to announce that a freshly written article by Patrick Vonderau will shortly be published in Television & New Media. The piece which is entitled “The Politics of Content Aggregation,” mainly deals with online video and music streaming,… Read More

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HUMlab collaboration initiated

On the 30th of September we had a productive meeting with Roger Mähler and Fredrik Palm – two exemplary programmers working at HUMlab who have agreed to help us develop a few methodological tools for our project, and thus serve… Read More

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Journal interview

A few months ago, an article about our ongoing research was published in the journal Curie – a web magazine issued by the Swedish Research Council. The article was based on an interview with Pelle Snickars and was assigned a… Read More

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