Economies of Arbitrage (Vonderau)

This subproject looks at Spotify’s relation to advertising. Its contribution consists in devising industry mapping, analytical categories, and quasi-ethnographic observation of various actors. The general question raised is: How do digital markets actually work? Who are the most important actors,… Read More

Politics of Content Aggregation (Vonderau)

This part of the project focusses on digital video and on the relation between video distribution and digital media infrastructures. The aim is to allow for comparisons between streamed media of different kinds, most notably music and video. A first… Read More

Digital Ethnography (Johansson)

This specific project (or work package) aims to contribute methodologically as well as analytically to the project’s overall purpose. Through two subtasks – representing two levels of ethnographic study – it sets out to explore the challenges and possibilities of… Read More

SpotiBot—Turing testing Spotify (Snickars)

Producing and coding bot ‘listeners’ has today become almost as easy as automated music production has been for years. Machines can thus both ‘create’—and ‘listen’ to ‘music’ (whatever we mean by these categories). In fact, such notions are capricious within… Read More

Music as Data (Fleischer)

Within media history, as well as music industry research, there exists a number of studies covering the production, marketing and valorization of musical recordings. Until now, less attention has been paid to the statistical monitoring of the market. How to… Read More

Listen to the Right Music (Eriksson)

As the distribution and consumption of music has increasingly “gone online,” commercial streaming platforms are taking on important roles as gatekeepers, standardizers and knowledge producers regarding music and artistry. This specific subproject focuses on streaming services roles in organizing, evaluating… Read More