Music as Data (Fleischer)

Within media history, as well as music industry research, there exists a number of studies covering the production, marketing and valorization of musical recordings. Until now, less attention has been paid to the statistical monitoring of the market. How to acquire data that prove which actual recordings are valorized, where, when, and by whom? Naturally, such questions have importance for marketing as well as for the distribution of royalties. The subtsk will be devoted to the media historical background of Spotify’s establishment in Sweden, with a specific analysis of the history of music market monitoring. Such research perspectives will serve as a media historical frame of the project in general, and of the ‘streaming moment’ exemplified by Spotify in particular. Spotify’s success story has often been singled out as the final, good-caused alternative to illegal file sharing, a perspective regularly put forward by journalists and politicians. The subtask will problematize such beliefs and examine the specific conditions of Spotify’s emergence from within the file sharing community.